“I feel very much satisfied and empowered to speak in public. People have already commented on my improvement. I thank Anna for providing such a big change in me. It was truly amazing!!!”

Muhammed S, Linguist

“I have learnt a lot and am focused on clear and concise speech. I have had opportunities to practice and have seen a lot of improvement in how I have given those speeches. ”

Enver Y, Consultant

“Anna is a great teacher. I have learnt how to be more interesting and engaging and more memorable for my audience.”

Andrew T, Software Engineer

“I found that my public speaking improved. My voice control is a lot better.”

Mark Z, Business Development

“Anna practices all of the key skills of a good coach – engaging, listening, involving and is lively and encouraging. I would not hesitate to be present at any of her coaching sessions or facilitation roles.” 

Sonya S, Middle Manager, APS

Leader / Speaker

Anna has extensive and valuable experience in leading, and working in, multi-disciplanary teams in demanding end user environments. This type of leadership requires a combination of people management, project management and an ability to create and deliver a compelling narrative for various audiences from technical professionals to the general public.
These skills are won from significant experience and observation. Where Anna is drawing from her experience base to assist you – best you take notes.
Mike B, Director General Defence

“Anna Perdriau is a leader of distinction. Her integrity is second to none as she exudes respect. A very confident and competent speaker and presenter whose message delivery is tailored to her audience, Anna always hits her mark, bringing added value to her market. I would always choose Anna to lead and with whom to work collaboratively – it is always a pleasure and she always produces the highest quality of results.”

David F, Business Owner

“Anna Perdriau is a highly experienced and talented woman who is able to captivate the audience with her warm smile, presence and content matter. Anna has had extensive experience in the corporate area and her ability to coach, train and speak is of a high standard.  As a presenter Anna is not only engaging but her energy and enthusiasm outshines others by far.”

Najla T, Educator

“Anna’s passion comes across very well, she is sincere, articulate. Her message is inspiring, motivational. After Anna’s presentation one feels “yes” I can be flexible, don’t waste time mind reading…be self assured. I highly recommend Anna.”

Sally R, Certificated Nurse

Anna is a friendly, intelligent and confident speaker with excellent communication and leadership skills. A woman of impeccable integrity.”

Dr Andrew T, Dentist

“Anna Perdriau was invited as a speaker to our ANZAC Centenary tribute event where she delivered a heartfelt speech in honour of one particular nurse from World War I. Anna’s presentation was exceptional and moved us emotionally. Anna was very professional, very flexible and brought her positivity to this difficult project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anna as a speaker at your next event.”

Prema D, Lawyer

“When Anna delivered her speech in the role of Sister Tranter, she transformed the audience, took them to the fields of WWI and tugged at our heartstrings along the journey.”

“Anna Perdriau held the audience spellbound with her speech in which she took on the persona of a World War 1 nurse. Her performance was compelling and truly moving. I recommend Anna highly as a polished professional speaker with a flair for the unexpected. “