‘Signature Speech’ coaching program

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Signature Speech coaching program

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A coaching program for exceptional leaders who want to craft a masterpiece speech that leaves their audience wanting more.

You want 100% connection with your audience. You need your core message to be acted upon. You want to pull focus and get your team stepping out in the same direction, or a new direction. People look to you to show the way. For your speaking ROI you need to maximise resources, increase productivity and save time. This is not negotiable.

Signature Speech coaching program will:

  • Mould your message and curate crystal clear content for your speech
  • Teach techniques so you connect to your audience
  • Spark your speaking power to create change in your audience
  • Support your speaking style so you stand out when you stand up to speak
  • Master your mindset so you can shine in front of your audiences.

Who this is for:

You lead people. You are in the drivers seat – whether it is in your own business or as part of an executive team in public or private organisation. You know part of your role is to lead and inspire so that your organisation can achieve excellence. You’re not unfamiliar with speaking to audiences, and you know the time is right for you to push your skills to the next level. You want to energise your audience and instigate the changes that make a difference.

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Signature Speech is a seven part coaching program. To begin we assess your current speaking style and status and tailor the coaching to take you from where you are, to a next level of excellence. The program is delivered via a combination of online module and face-to-face (or Skype) meetings.

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