‘Signature Speech’ coaching program

The ultimate speaking coaching program for leaders who want to improve their speaking Return on Investment.  Let’s craft your ‘Signature Speech’ to connect with and create change in your team and / or your audience through powerful speaking and audience connection. Your end result will be an empowered, energised team or audience with positively outstanding results.

Highlights on how we’ll help you to:

  • Mould your message and curate crystal clear content for your speech
  • Develop engagement techniques to have your audience hang on your every word
  • Spark your speaking power to achieve change in your audience
  • Support your speaking style so you stand out when you stand up to speak
  • Master your mindset so you can shine in front of your audiences.

Accent Coaching program

Have your ideas heard in a business environment!

A program tailored to bring out the Australian English rhythm patterns and pronunciations, and bring out the power in your speaking voice when speaking English.

We’ll help you to:

  • Understand the key areas of pronunciation focus for your accent
  • Maximise your ability to be a clear and concise communicator
  • Work through the key areas and smoothen your speech
  • Be the confident speaker you know you can be!