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✩ Speaking Truth #2: Start with the end in mind. ✩

What is the outcome you want to achieve?  Consider your ultimate aim for you addressing this particular audience. The shift you want to create. Make sure you l... READ MORE
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Are you an Agent of CHANGE? Speaking Truth #1

If you don’t have a message, why are you speaking?   After you speak, your people (or audience) will be thinking one of two things in their mind’s eye: &nb... READ MORE

✩ Are they having fun at your Public Speaking party? The #1 tip to guarantee your audience’s enjoyment ✩

In the summer of 1998 I had a cool conversation with an intelligent lady named Wilma. Wilma said: ‘If I go to a party and don’t enjoy myself, it’s my faul... READ MORE
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✩ Are Nerves the Slippery Little Suckers of Public Speaking? 3 Tips to banish nerves ✩

Remember the line said by Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman? She was attempting to use the cutlery to eat escargots (snails): ‘Slippery little suckers.... READ MORE
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✩ Accent Reduction: The Vowel and the Pussycat – Are you making the most of a magical match? ✩

They were such an unlikely match. What can the Owl and the Pussycat teach you about pronunciation? ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ is a famous poem written by Ed... READ MORE
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✩ 7 Sales Speaking Lessons from Sam ✩

Photo of Sam Ades – Find out more about Sam Have you ever met someone who has mastered their craft and yet is full of humility? Meet my f... READ MORE

✩ 7 things Joan Rivers taught us about Public Speaking ✩

Joan Rivers By David Shankbone 2010 Cropped from [ Joan Rivers at Musto’s 25th Anniversary] Can we talk?... READ MORE
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Entrepreneurs and Executives: Are you winging your presentations?

The day of your presentation to the team is looming. You had intended to spend more time on it. Crafting, preparing, drilling. You think to yourself ‘where di... READ MORE
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✩ Accent Reduction: Who’s Watching You? ✩

Who’s watching you? No no, not in a creepy way. More of a ‘I’m keeping an eye on you because I’m expecting great things’ kind of way. The question rel... READ MORE
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Executives: Public speaking doesn’t bother me – yes, but do you bother it?

The sun was going down. So was the champagne. A classy waterfront venue. Executives chatted and mingled. Hors d’oeuvres presented on silver trays.  Circulati... READ MORE