Why the Australian Open is like Public Speaking

January 26, 2018 by Speaking Excellence
Photo: Pixabay

(Photo: Pixabay)

3 Tips on how to Ace your Public Speaking game

 It’s January 2018 and there’s a buzz in the air. It’s the Australian Open tennis tournament.

Yes that two week period that we all become fascinated with the game, the stats, who’s
playing who (oh and who’s wearing what…how about all the pink on the courts this
year….go the male players!).

Each year, the Open gets bigger.  Increased interaction between players and fans, larger
crowds, more controversy, personal stories, and opinions!

I couldn’t help but notice, that tennis, and in particular the Australian Open, has a few
things in common with my favourite topic, Public Speaking.

They might not seem obvious, yet once you scratch the surface, you’ll see they are there.
And from these similarities we can be reminded of some of the key pointers about Public

When you look closely you can see some parallels between tennis and Public Speaking.

Here are three tips on how you can Ace your Public Speaking Game

1. Mindset – Take Charge of it!

A long tennis match is not only about technical skills of players…

…It’s the mind games at play.

The same goes for Public Speaking.  Your mind can start chattering away, and tell you

that for example you are not good enough to be there, smart enough to present, expert
enough etc.

On the court, you can see the visible expressions; the power poses and gestures of

Then there’s letting out their frustration, throwing rackets, abusing umpires, the self talk.

Example: Maria Sharapova V Angelique Kerber.

Kerber was aggressively hitting the ball.

Kerber was on a mission.

And so should you be when you take the stage for Public Speaking. Not aggressively, but know your topic,
be certain.

What’s the Public Speaking lesson here?

  • Be hungry to serve your audience. Look forward, be eager to give MASSIVE value.
    Take charge of your mindset – you are meant to take the stage. Make a difference!

2. The Audience Matters – Care about Yours.

Tennis is no longer a game where the audience sits patiently, claps politely and discusses
opinions behind closed doors…

No! Everyone seems to have an opinion. They are not afraid to speak up about it.

Example: Nick Kyrgios V Gregor Dimitrov.

After this match, the audience gave Nick a Standing Ovation as he walked off court. Even though
he had lost the match.

The audience had a perspective.

They were applauding his behaviour. Or more perhaps the control over his behaviour.

Their perception was their reality.

The audience matters.  Your audiences matter.

Look at the bonds between player and their loved ones. They look up at the stand and draw
positive energy from them.

What’s the Public Speaking lesson here?

Think of your ideal audience, your tribe like those loved ones.  Cherish them, care about what they have to say, understand them and feel their energy.  Seek to really understand their needs.

Do what you need to do so your audience feels moved to take action.

3. Consistency Counts – Be Consistent and Serve Them!

The best players are those who plough on year after year, the ones who show up…

…and never give up!

Roger Federer has won 19 Grand Slam titles.

Think about you, and how often you are putting more effort into your Public Speaking.

Are you showing up year after year, a better speaker than the year before?

If you are not, start now.

What’s the Public Speaking lesson here?

It’s simple. Show up. Do the work. Be present.

Serve your audience like you are that consistent winning champion.

The Australian Open comes and goes, so do the players, they will be back next year… the
question of who will win sets in.

More importantly though, will you win in your Public Speaking Game in 2018?

Well that’s easy.

The answer lies in whether you take the stage, and SPEAK!

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