Speaking Truth 6: Be a Creator of Fresh Thought

February 22, 2017 by Speaking Excellence
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Speaking Truth 6: As a speaker and leader, be a creator of FRESH THOUGHT.

You’ve probably heard the saying, adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes: ‘There’s nothing new under the sun’.

At times, we must present information our audience has heard before.

It is how we present that can make a difference.

When presenting information that is not necessarily new, or perhaps a bit dry, you can still present in a way that is fresh.

Let’s free ourselves from the shackles of dull.

Let’s ban boring!

Here are 10 ways for Leaders (Executives) can create and/or present fresh thought when speaking with your people:

1. Reframe the challenge. Take a concept you know comes up time and time again, and give it a new twist. One dilemma for Executives is having to do more with less. Rather than saying “this is how it is, we can’t do anything about this”, inspire your people to create change. “Ok we have this opportunity, what are we going to do about this?” Put out the call to action.

2. Brainstorm. Invite your audience to put forward their ideas. You expertly facilitate, tap their creativity. Let your team come forward with ideas with their creative thinking hats on. No longer do you have to have all the answers.

3. Smart use of Visual Aids. Use photos, graphics and images to prompt your stories. So many times I have seen slides with multiple dot points, too much text and far too much information. Don’t bamboozle your audience.

4. Use a prop. Present by talking about an object that is somewhat unrelated to your topic yet provides a meaningful link.

5. Choose your own adventure. Let the audience pick certain options. Allow them to discuss and explore scenarios and the ramifications of a decision.

6. Use images. Rather than dot points with words on a screen, use a mind map style diagram with images (not words). This can prompt you to talk about your key points. Infographics are also a fresh way to liven up your data.

7. Use analogy / metaphor. One that is totally unrelated to your subject, yet demonstrates your core message. Ideally pick a subject here that is of personal interest to you. This will enable you to bring out Veritas (the real you) in your speaking. Your audience gets to know you better and in turn can bring them closer to you.

8. Role play. Let your people get together and play out scenarios using role play. They can learn through observation and discussion. Suggest that this approach needs boundaries to be set with clear instruction.

9. Interview – on stage. Have one of your people interview you and ask you about the issues people are concerned about. You could field questions from the audience. This is one way for your people to hear from you in an impromptu manner.

10. Ask your team for ideas – beforehand. This one happens outside of your presentation, yet allows you to tap into their genius and pulse. One of their ideas could form the basis for your content perspective. Then use the speech to edify your people whose ideas you genuinely valued.

These 10 methods can be used for different scenarios, depending on your core message and desired outcome.

Here they are in summary form (see image below).

The saying may be ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’.

It doesn’t matter if your audience has heard about certain issues before.

What matters is that you present as a true original when you speak. You can bring any topic to life through your own unique style and a fresh take. Both in your content and delivery.

Speaking Truth #6: Be a creator of fresh thought.

Are you ready to increase your speaking impact?

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