Accent Reduction Masterclasses – 6 Week Series

Accent Reduction Masterclasses Sydney Australia

Is English not your first language? 

Does your job require you to be an effective communicator?

Are you ready to achieve success in 2017?

The Accent Reduction Masterclass Series for Professionals is a set of six (live training) sessions to help with your communication mastery. If English is not your first language you may benefit from proven techniques to help remove your Blocks and have you sounding ‘clear as a bell’.

The next Masterclass Series commences on 10th April 2017.

This is a truly unique, live interactive and educational experience to be held at an exciting new venue called @The Connection in Rhodes, New South Wales in Sydney Australia.

You will walk away from this results-focused experience with tools and techniques to:

–  Go from the Pardon (what did you say?) to the Power yes zone;

–  Remove your blocks – those words, sounds or habits stopping you from sounding clear;

–  Have the ability to be prepared at any time of day or night – SECRET recipe;

–  Have your action plan for 2017 and how you will make it happen; and

–  Gain a whole new level of confidence in your communication abilities.

This is for professionals who are serious about taking their success to the next level.

All in a supportive environment. C’mon, let’s have some FUN!

Here’s what some have said:

“Before I worked with Anna I was having problems with people understanding my accent because English is not my first language. Now I’m finding that people are noticing I am clearer. They understand what I say. I feel more confident.”

Li li C, Accountant

“I feel very much satisfied and empowered to speak in public. People have already commented on my improvement. I thank Anna for providing such a big change in me. It was truly amazing!”

Muhammed S, Linguist

“I have learnt a lot and am focused on clear and concise speech. I have had opportunities to practice and have seen a lot of improvement in how I have given those speeches. ”

Enver Y, Consultant

“Anna is a great teacher. I have learnt how to be clearer, more interesting and engaging and more memorable for my audience.”

Andrew T, Software Engineer

“I found that my speaking improved. My voice control is a lot better.”

Mark Z, Business Development

“Anna practices all of the key skills of a good coach – engaging, listening, involving and is lively and encouraging. I would not hesitate to be present at any of her coaching sessions or facilitation roles.” 

Sonya S, Executive, APS