Accent Coaching package

Accent Coaching 

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Are you a professional or businessperson with ambition and English is not your first language?…

This program was created based on the Paddy Kennedy (Kennedy Communication) methodologies to specifically focus on English rhythm patterns for pronunciation. Australian English can be difficult so we use linguistic techniques to help you master the nuances of the accent and bring you to clear and concise communication.


What Accent Coaching will do for you:

  • Assess your accent matched to (Australian) English rhythm patterns so that we can pinpoint your specific focus areas for your accent
  • Work on how to use your organs of articulation so that you can achieve smooth enunciation of words and sounds
  • Refine your ‘speaking style’ so you have a positive impact on your audience
  • Develop the confidence to speak up in business environments – have your ideas heard


Who is Accent Coaching for?

You are intelligent, educated and motivated. While not a native English speaker, you want to be able to sound crystal clear.  Whether you need to connect with a small audience or deliver powerful presentations. You are keen to develop clear and concise language skills so your ideas and contributions are heard in business environments. You are looking for skills to help you create credibility and courageous confidence.

Exactly what I need!

We tailor this program to meet your needs. We listen to your voice, pronunciation and find the instances in your speech that need modulating and we work on those to give your voice the clarity and power you need to be heard.

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Cost:   $1050 for six sessions

Or pay $190 per session over six sessions.

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