7 Speaking Truths Product

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7 Speaking Truths Product

Are you a senior level leader in the corporate or government world who leads people? 

Are you wanting to continuously improve the results from your leadership?

Our world is crying out for leaders!  Leaders who have integrity, can speak effectively and who can lead the way with confidence.

Not only when things are smooth sailing, but during the tough times when the seas get rocky. Leaders today recognise that leadership is a quality to be refined over time through constant learning and improvement. Each day poses new challenges.

Try the 7 Speaking Truths to gain a leadership edge through speaking.

What is the 7 Speaking Truths:

The 7 Speaking Truths is an audio presentation product designed for leaders to understand the underlying principles of the role speaking plays in leadership and how to apply them.  By understanding these principles, you can bring yourself closer to your audiences in how you approach your speech crafting and delivery.

Who is this for:

You don’t see yourself as a professional speaker, though you speak to your people and to audiences regularly. You know part of your role is to lead and inspire so that your organisation can achieve excellence. You’re not unfamiliar with speaking to audiences, and you know the time is right for you to push your skills to the next level. You want to energise your audience and instigate the changes that make a difference.

7 Speaking Truths product will:

  • Explore the 7 principles that leaders need to practice when you want to connect with your people
  • Enable you to gain more connection with your audience bringing them closer to you
  • Provide insight into the 3 Villars of speaking: Value, Veritas and Voice and how you can apply these to your speaking to enhance your connection to audience
  • Understand what is important so you can be more attractive and appealing to your audience


7 Speaking Truths is an audio presentation product that can be purchased. Gain instant access to this product online upon purchase. Learning can commence immediately.